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Harris RF 7800V HH

Harris RF 7800V HH

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Harris RF7800V-HH handheld 10W VHF-band radio

The radios are full NATO Type 3 export spec, with the FM and MACA2 data waveforms , AES256, AES128 and CITADEL encryption and Quicklook 1, 2 and 3 frequency hopping, operating between 30 and 88MHz (military band VHF)

Includes accessories:
PRC152 type battery
MOLLE radio holster
Quick Start Guide
Short whip antenna
Tape whip antenna
Field expedient dipole antenna
USB side connector cable
USB socket reader
U229 dual PTT headset

Communications Planning Application
Tactical Chat
Tactical Chat IP
RF6760W WMT Wireless Messaging Terminal
IMITS training software
Official training powerpoints

The radios are in good condition, some aesthetic wear and tear but fully functional.



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